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KPS One2One Testimonials

Kevin Pietersen MBE. 4 Times Ashes Winner, Cricket

"It has been great to be able to do the swim programme designed by Karen alongside gym work and cricket training. I've used the swim sessions for fitness as well as for when I've been doing rehab and they've been a huge help and the fact that I can do the sessions in hotel pools when I'm away on tour is a big benefit. I'm a pretty good swimmer but a few tips from Karen has made swimming for longer distances so much easier"

Holly Bleasdale. European Indoor Champion, Pole Vault

"2013 was a long year for me due to a few injuries including an Achilles injury stopping me from running. During my rehab, Karens swimming programme allowed me to keep fit and strong and challenged me allowing me to stay focused and always hitting new targets and goals. I wouldn't consider myself a strong swimmer, however Karen tailored it to my own ability and gave small tips which helped with improvements to my swimming technique. I felt very lucky to be provided with such a great programme from someone with masses of experience in swimming"

Conor O'Shea. Director of Rugby, Harlequins

"Pool recovery and fitness has always been an important part of a player's training programme but we always know we can work better and more effectively and to that end having the input of Karen to our training programme has meant we are receiving input from someone who has achieved at World and Olympic level in the pool, understands elite sport and has committed herself to delivering to athletes as her business - Karen has made sure we are working smarter rather than just ticking a box because it has always been done a certain way."

Charlie Curtis. Architect

'The swimming programme that Karen designed for me was great for my rehabilitation following surgeries for a broken ankle. It was easy to follow and progressive so that as my fitness improved I continued to be challenged and make gains. The benefit of having exercises designed by someone with Karen’s experience and achievements was huge, and her tips greatly improved my swimming technique. Having not been able to do any running for over 6 months, the swimming was a great motivator and an opportunity to get back to full fitness.’