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Top 10 Tips

WEAR GOGGLES: Swimming is much easier if you can see where you are going! When goggles leak it is usually because the nosepiece is the wrong fit not the head strap

WEAR A SWIMMING HAT: It will protect your hair from the pool chemicals and keep it out of your face when swimming

BREATHING: Taking regular breaths helps you to keep going for longer. Breathe out while your face is in the water. Breathing alternately to each side on front crawl keeps your body balanced

USE EQUIPMENT: Using kick boards, pull buoys and paddles makes sessions more interesting and means you can strengthen your arms and legs separately. Try a Speedo Aquabeat (waterproof MP3 player) to keep you entertained on long swims

CHANGE STROKES: Mixing up strokes means you will use different muscles and get a better all round work out

MIX UP THE PACE: Don’t just swim up and down at one pace, add some fast lengths into your work-out to make it much more beneficial

LEGS: Keep your ankles floppy and kick from the hips on front crawl. On breaststroke bring your heels up to your bum then kick out and bring feet together

LUNGS: Try holding your breath off the walls or kicking underwater to help strengthen your lungs

USE THE PACE CLOCK: Check your rest intervals and times you are hitting to compare each session

GOALS: Exercising is always more fun when you make it challenging so set time or distance goals for each session