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Karen Pickering SWIM Tech & Fit

This is a programme that will show you how you can use swimming to tone up and get fit whilst also improving your stroke technique and skills such as starts and turns.

KPSTF courses are suitable for people that can swim 400m or more and for those who exercise at least once a week. The non-impact nature of swimming makes this programme ideal to complement sessions in the gym and makes a great additional or alternative work out with a much lower risk of injury. It is also ideal for an additional recovery or cardio work out for those who play other sports.

The programme aims to tone your body, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase lung capacity and perfect strokes and skill techniques.

Each 10 week/term of the KPSTF programme will have an emphasis on improving a particular stroke or skill such as turns but general fitness will always be maintained.

In addition during the course the teacher will show you how to use floats, paddles, fins, pace clock, etc. By setting challenges such as races, relays and time trials the teacher will develop a supportive but competitive environment to keep you challenged and motivated.

If you have personal goals our experienced teachers will be able to adapt the sessions to suit you whether you are planning to do an open water swim, take part in a triathlon or just want to improve your swimming.



Bespoke swim programmes personally designed by Karen Pickering are available to purchase. The programmes will be designed for you based on the information you provide such as your level of fitness, swimming ability & your goals. The package will also include tips and technique guides. So whether you want to swim faster, lose weight, tone your muscles, train for a triathlon/marathon/open water swim, recover from an injury/illness, improve general fitness or add to your training for another sport this programme can be tailored for you.

For more information or to buy a programme please go to the KPS One2One tab at the top of the page