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Karen Pickering SWIM Slim

When you watch most leisure swimmers during their work out, they simply plod up and down a pool for a set number of lengths or a set amount of time.

The Karen Pickering SWIM Slim programme takes the boredom out of swimming and is perfect for anyone wanting to get into shape.

KPSS courses are suitable for swimmers of any level whether you can just manage a little bit of “head up” breast stroke or are confident on all four strokes.

As well as improving your swimming ability the course aims to tone up your body, improve cardiovascular fitness, increase lung capacity and help weight loss.

Each 10 week/term of the KPSS programme will have an emphasis on improving a particular part of your body but over all general fitness & technique work will also be maintained.

During the course the instructors will teach the basics of swimming such as how to use a pace clock, lane management and how to use equipment as well as teaching drills and technique for each strokes.

This course suits any level of swimmer. The non-impact nature of the sport and the fact that water exercises can be included in the sessions makes this course particularly good for weaker swimmers, older people, overweight people and those recovering from illness or injury.



Bespoke swim programmes personally designed by Karen Pickering are available to purchase. The programmes will be designed for you based on the information you provide such as your level of fitness, swimming ability & your goals. The package will also include tips and technique guides. So whether you want to swim faster, lose weight, tone your muscles, train for a triathlon/marathon/open water swim, recover from an injury/illness, improve general fitness or add to your training for another sport this programme can be tailored for you.

For more information or to buy a programme please go to the KPS One2One tab at the top of the page