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Karen Pickering SWIM Elite

Athletes are training smarter now and looking for ways to prolong their careers. Time management is key and whilst swimming is a highly beneficial addition to a training programme in any sport, unless it is done properly and effectively the athlete may be better off resting

Karen Pickering SWIM Elite is a programme that has been developed over a number of years and is ideal for additional fitness sessions for elite athletes from any sport with the benefit of being non-impact and non- contact. It will compliment an athlete's sport specific training bringing great results with little chance of injury

The areas covered by the Karen Pickering SWIM Elite programme include

General Fitness

Core Strength & Flexibility


Post Game/Competition Recovery

Post Training  & Post Travel Recovery

Breath Control/Strengthening Lungs

Karen works with the team coaches & phyios to develop the right programme for your athletes & will be available to attend swim sessions to monitor the progression during the season. If you are interested in finding out more please email [email protected]

KP SWIM One 2 One

Bespoke swim programmes for individual athletes personally designed by Karen Pickering are available now. The programmes will be designed for you based on your sport, level of fitness, swimming ability & your goals. The package will also include tips and technique guides. Swimming can help general fitness, flexibility, recovery, breath control and muscle toning so whatever sport you play/compete in this programme can be tailored for you to compliment your sport-specific training .

For more information or to buy a programme please go to the KPS One2One tab at the top of the page

KP SWIM Elite clients include