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Karen Pickering SWIM One2One

Karen Pickering has developed many swim programmes for individuals, businesses, international athletes from various sports and celebrities & now you too can have a personal swim programme designed just for you by the former World & Commonwealth Champion.

Karen will develop your bespoke swim programme based on your level of swimming ability, the number of sessions you want to do each week & your personal goals. You don't have to be a good swimmer to benefit from this programme, the sessions will be tailored to meet your needs & can include water exercises as well as swimming.

Karen has worked with people who have special needs and physical impairments and is experienced in adapting swimming sessions to suit so whether you are recovering from injury or have permanent limited mobility she will be able to prepare a programme for you.

You will be given 12 warm ups, 12 main sets, 12 sub sets & 12 warm downs that will each meet your individual requirements along with details on how to mix & match these to create hundreds of different swim sessions. There will be 12 pre-planned sessions to get you started.

A KPS One2One programme costs £100 plus VAT and is packed with information including detailed advice on planning your session, swimming tips, stroke technique tips, a guide to using the relevant swim equipment & information on how to do the drills in your sessions.

Please fill in the Personal Details form as honestly & as thoroughly as possible. All information will be kept confidential. The more information Karen has the more specific to your needs the programme will be.

You will receive the KPS One2One programme via email and if you require it you will be able to get further advice, guidance & help from Karen once you have received it.

Because each KPS One2One programme is unique please note it will take approximately 14 days for Karen to prepare it.

Karen is an ASA Level 2 swim teacher & has been developing personal swim programmes since 2006. Whatever your goals, whether you want to lose weight, compliment training for another sport, recover from an injury/illness, train for a triathlon or just get fitter using swimming, Karen can prepare a KPS One2One programme just for you.

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