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Karen Pickering SWIM Foundation

We are delighted to announce that the Karen Pickering SWIM Foundation has been set up to provide swimming lessons & swimming fitness courses at Karen Pickering SWIM venues for children & adults in the UK who may otherwise be precluded.

Karen Pickering SWIM offers high quality lessons and we hope to give people (regardless of age, health, ability, special needs or financial situation) the chance to get fitter & healthier through swimming, to improve their confidence through participation & to improve their swimming skills. 

From Easter 2013 we will be offering bursaries of up to 100% to attend swimming lessons at KP SWIM venues. To apply please read the Eligibility Criteria and the Terms & Conditions and then complete the Application Form.

The bursaries will be allocated by the Karen Pickering SWIM Foundation Board and will be solely at their discretion.

By offering these bursaries we hope that more people will get the opportunity to learn a life skill and get all the health benefits and enjoyment that swimming brings.

For more information please call 01273 245652 or email [email protected]
If you are interested in making a donation or raising money for the Karen Pickering SWIM Foundation we would love to hear from you. Please contact us at [email protected] Registered Charity Number: 1153367