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Child Protection

•Karen Pickering SWIM  (KPS) & The Karen Pickering SWIM Foundation (KPSF) will follow the Karen Pickering SWIM Foundation Policy on Safeguarding & Protecting Young People. If you would like to see a full copy of this policy please email [email protected]

•KPS & KPSF will ensure each swimming teacher has the relevant teaching and CRB certificate.

•KPS & KPSF will adhere to the ASA's anti bullying guidelines

•Any concerns should be raised with the Head Teacher of the relevant venue or to KP SWIM's designated Welfare Officer (Deedee Pickering - 01273 245652)  who will report it to the Managing Director & to any relevant authority

•All teachers will follow the KPSF Policy on Safeguarding & Protecting Young People.

•Swim teachers will require consent from all parents for any videoing or photography during lessons.

•If a young person requires physical handling the teacher must gain consent and agreement of both the young person and parent/carer.

•All records will be kept of any concerns raised and evaluated.

•Confidentiality will be maintained.

•Karen Pickering SWIM & KPSF will ensure best practise at all times.

•Karen Pickering SWIM  & KPSF will raise the awareness of equity and ensure a code of conduct is clear.

•Karen Pickering SWIM & KPSF will not tolerate Bullying.