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    Is Boycotting The Olympics The Answer?

    The doping revelations that have hit athletics over the past few weeks have been a big wake up call for Olympic sport. I say 'revelations', but actually I don't think many people involved in sport are in the least bit surprised to hear that Russian athletes have been taking drugs. What is surprising however, is the depth of the support they had for this doping and the alleged level of covering-up and/or turning a blind eye within Russia & the wider athletics federations.   Read More...

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    No Place In Sport

    Like many thousands of mums and dads across the country, my mum still voluntarily helps run local, grass roots sport. She's been President of Sussex County Swimming and now organises officials for their swim meets; no easy task, but that is all together another story. Recently she told me about an incident at the County Championships involving a swimmer and it made me sad and so angry.   Read More...

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